How do I apply to the Independent Study Academy?

For registration information contact our office.

phone: (707) 649-3950 or

email: or

in person: 1347 Amador St.


Enrollment is limited. Once we have filled up we will create a waiting list and notify applicants when space becomes available.

General Information

General Information

What is independent study?

Independent study is an alternative instruction model for eligible students whose needs may be best met through study outside of the regular classroom setting. It provides students with a plan that enables them to reach curriculum objectives and fulfill district graduation requirements within the same time frame as students who attend comprehensive high schools.


What are the pathways offered at Independent Study Academy?

Independent Study Academy offers two pathways. Click on the title to find information about the pathway.

In both pathways students will work independently at home and also meet regularly with credentialed teachers to provide instruction and support for learning. 


Where is the Independent Study Academy located?

The Independent Study Academy is located at 1347 Amador Street. (Previously this was the Vallejo Middle School campus.) We share facilities with several other programs, however, the main office is easily found in the administration building.


Who is eligible to enroll in  Independent Study?

Students who are eligible to enroll in VCUSD may participate in the Independent Study Academy. Enrollment is voluntary. Students who find success in independent studies demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • motivation
  • commitment
  • organizational skills
  • ability to work independently

Support is provided to students whose academic performance is not at grade level.


How do students know what to study?

When a student enrolls with Independent Study Academy the student will sign a Written Agreement developed by a credentialed teacher and signed by the student, parent/guardian, and Independent Studies Academy staff. The agreement will outline the following items:

  • how and when to submit work
  • what to study
  • how learning will be evaluated
  • what materials to use
  • how to get support

 A Written Agreement is completed for each semester of enrollment at Independent Study Academy.


If a student is not able to meet the terms of the Written Agreement support will be provided and parents/guardians will be notified.


When students frequently miss assignments and teacher meetings an evaluation will be conducted to determine if independent study is an appropriate placement. The evaluation may result in the termination of the student's participation in independent study and return to a regular school program.