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How do I apply to the Independent Study Academy?

For registration information contact our office.

phone: (707) 649-3950 or

email: or

in person: 1347 Amador St.


Enrollment is limited. Once we have filled up we will create a waiting list and notify applicants when space becomes available.

Innovation Flex Path

Innovation Flex Path Academy Option

All VCUSD A-G Courses are completed in a blended learning experience that includes a 2 days per week of onsite teacher supervised learning with 3 days per week of flexible learning time. 


Enrolling students in grades 9-12

Additional Class/Lab Meetings

Innovation students who are enrolled in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Driver's Education and Yearbook at zero period are required to come to additional class/lab sessions in addition to their Tuesday & Thursday classes.

Art Class: Wednesdays 11am -12pm in room B1.

Art Studio Time: Mondays and Fridays 11am-12pm in room B1.

Biology Lab: Wednesdays from 9-11am in room B9. 

Chemistry Lab: Fridays from 9-11am in room B9.

Driver's Education Class: Mondays from 10-11am in room B8.

Yearbook Class: Mondays from 9-10am in room B7.

Tutoring Schedule

General tutoring supervised by a teacher will be available on the following days:

  • Monday 8am - 3pm
  • Wednesday from 8am - 2pm
  • Friday 8am - 3pm

Tutoring is located in our Cyber Center in B10.